Free RSA ‘Check it Fits’ Service at SA Moore, May 4th

Times: 10.00am - 5.30pm
RSA experts at hand throughout the day to check your child seat fits correctly and to offer advice

What is the RSA 'Check it Fits' Service?

The RSA 'Check it Fits' Service aims to save lives by ensuring that child seats are properly fitted in cars.

The ‘Check it Fits’ team are there to help parents and guardians to correctly fit their child car seats.

Why attend?

At present, 4 out of 5 child car seats are incorrectly fitted in cars and an incorrectly fitted child car seat could lead to serious injury or death in the event of a collision.
To address this problem, there will be trained experts in S.A. Moore who are familiar with almost every child car seat on the market, and who can check that your car seat is secured properly and safely. They will answer any questions you may have at our free ‘Check it Fits’ Service.


What is the RSA 'Check it Fits' Service?

Where and when?

Where: S.A. Moore, O’Brien Road, Carlow

When: Thursday  04 May 2017 10am-5.30pm

We look forward to seeing you there.

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